If you own a PlayStation 3, you surely would also have a collection of video games. There are thousands of PS3 games in the market place and you’re probably wondering which game is the best that has been launched so far. In this article, we will discuss about the best PS3 games up to date.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Guns of the Patriots is a third person shooter video game created by Kojima Productions. The game ranks on top of the chart and has received positive reviews from many gaming magazines. The storyline is good and you will remember the story well if you play the game. There are lots of things to collect and you can customize your character in many ways.


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is developed by Naughty Dog with Sony Computer Entertainment being its publisher. The game was launched at a time when there is no go game around and many PS3 owners feel that PS3 console has fail to meet their expectations. When Drake’s Fortune was released, it changes the picture of how PS3 owners see their console. The gameplay system has tons of features. You will play as Nathan Drake undertaking various missions to hunt down treasures and you have a girlfriend called Elena.


Grand Theft Auto V is a third person shooter game developed by Rockstar North and is packed with a lot of actions and adventure. GTA V is recognized for its fantastic missions and you will get a thrilling experience that you won’t find it any other previous versions. In the game, you will run from the cops a lot and you can rescue your friends. <a href=”http://www.gta5cheats.online” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Gta 5 cheats online</a>is set in Liberty City that created based on the New York City in real life. It features Niko Belic who has finally joined a gang. It is the best sequel that Rock Star has ever made for the Grand Theft Auto series. You will be able to enjoy a maximum gaming experience while playing the game.


Fallout 3is a RPG game created by Bethesda Game Studioswho is well known for developing games with stunning 3D graphics. The third part features a single player mode and the game is set in Washington D.C. In the game, your father has gone missing in odd situations and you have to escape to the Vault. The game has lots of small details that are planned in a systematic way and it offers a lot of combat features that make it one of the most critically acclaimed games on PlayStation 3.